The aim of this web site is to provide a platform for discussion about the new Queensland syllabi especially in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics for which, as a University educator, we have a special interest. However, I am also interested in issues with other academic stream subjects.

The motivation of the site is that there needs to be a forum where teachers, parents and university academics can air their opinions in public so that a wide range of views can be seen by the general public. We have been told by many teachers that they feel that their views are simply ignored by the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA which has morphed into the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, QCAA). Some teachers are unwilling to say too much for fear of retribution from the school system. This site provides a medium by which teachers can say what they think and have it seen by everybody.

This site is the successor to a similar site which we set up on the James Cook University web site but after complaints by the QSA to the Vice Chancellor, Peter Ridd was instructed to have the site removed. One of the QSA’s complaints was that the commentary is anonymous. The QSA thought it would be better for people to put their names to the comments and complaints. That was the QSA’s idea about feedback.

There are a wide range of views about the new syllabi; some teachers love it and some hate it. However we have no idea what proportion of teachers fall into each camp, or in between. The QSA’s own system of consultation has not encouraged a full and frank exchange of opinions. It is also clear that the QSA had little idea about the views of university educators regarding the new syllabi – and it possible couldn’t care less.  However we are much more worried that the QSA does not care about the very large number of excellent and experienced teachers who have contacted us over the last few years. There are undoubtedly a lot of disgruntled teachers out there who are not being heard, and if they are, they are simply labeled as “dinosaurs” and ignored.


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