The QCAA – a lost opportunity for reform?

After the EIC Parliamentary (Menkens) Inquiry into assessment which largely vindicated the position of Platoqld people, education minister J.P. Langbroek scrapped the Queensland School Authority and replaced it with the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority QCAA. Unfortunately it seems that  JP Langbroek’s heart was never for reform as he stacked the new board of the QCAA with apologists of the old system.

We have yet to determine where the QCAA sits on matters such as proper external exams.  Exposing the position of the QCAA board members could be a future focus for Platoqld. These board members have enormous power over our education system so we have a right to know where they stand – with the Qld fairies or with the rest of the world?


More on his when time permits


Here is part of the QCAA legislation which shows that the minister now has much more powers over the QCAA if he/she chooses to use it.

Update 29/10/2013: The QSA is being replaced.

There is legislation before parliament for a replacement for the QSA by the QCAA (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority)

(pdf copy: Education QCAA Bill 2013)
There are two important differences between the QSA legislation and the new body.

These are:

(i) the board is far smaller (7 members) of which the minister can control 5.

(ii) there is a new clause section 72 (3) which states that the minister can give a direction to the QCAA to

(a) develop or purchase—

(i) a syllabus for stated school subjects …


It would now be possible to purchase a syllabus from NSW for example.